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What is This Site?

Your Career Options Have Never Looked So Good!

The Soil to Sky portal is a managed and categorized collection of links and career profiles for the agriculture and food industry. Are you looking for an opportunity you might not have considered before? We want to show you just how rewarding — and surprisingly diverse — a career in Alberta’s agriculture and food industry can be!

Interactive! The Ten Questions Project

Soil to Sky wants to know about your career in the agriculture and food industry. Check out The Ten Questions Project and let our users know about your job in the industry. We’ll be posting entries in the near future — and the best responses will become part of our new promotion campaign for the upcoming school year!

And, when you’re done, challenge a friend or colleague to do the same. Send them the link: http://www.soiltosky.ca/tenquestions/

Links, Profiles, and Podcasts… Oh My!

The Soil to Sky portal was launched on June 26, 2006 by Agriculture and Food Council in an effort to build the beginnings of a central exchange centre for agriculture and food information, links, and career concepts. Since that time we’ve responded to our visitors and improved the way information is collected and connected.

Are you interested in science? We’re willing to bet you can’t even begin to imagine how many possible career paths in research related to food, animal health and safety, or even the environment are out there waiting for motivated people like you. Or, are you intrigued by finance, investing or business? The movement of goods and services related to agriculture and food products in Canada feeds millions, is worth billions, and makes up a huge part of Canada’s economy. Maybe you’re looking to learn a trade, a skill, or work outdoors? From primary production to working with heavy-duty machinery, the skills and people that drive agriculture and food related jobs are often linked to wide-open spaces, family-oriented hours, and a great quality of life.

Soil to Sky wants to help you find the career that fits your goals best. Browse our ever-growing collection of profiles, visit our many links to industry, government, and education options — and see what kind of career is waiting for you in the agriculture and food industry.

And It’s All Free!

This site has been developed as a service initiative of the Agriculture and Food Council, based in Nisku, Alberta. Click the Inventory icon to the left to learn more about the project and the Council. The Agriculture and Food Council of Alberta is a non-profit industry-led organization comprised of volunteer member representatives from across Alberta’s agri-food industry. Wer are using these invoice templates to speed up our invoicing. Our vision and aim is to ensure that Alberta’s agriculture, food and life sciences industry will be globally competitive, profitable, and sustainable. The Council serves as a catalyst for the agri-food industry. Our goal is to encourage quality and adaptability across all sectors in the industry. We encourage growth, sustainability, and profitability. Soil to Sky is free to use and free to list in.

Listen to our Podcasts

The Soil to Sky Podcast is new for 2008. Podcasting is the start of a new media content revolution that is empowering individuals with the ability to globally distribute their ideas and create a following of like minded fans.

Our plan is to find young innovators in the agriculture and food industry in Alberta and give you a glimpse of their career and how they got to where they are now. If you have an idea for someone who we could profile on our podcast, please use our contact us form and send us a note with the details. Our first episodes have highlighted careers in GIS technology and biofuels research with great interviews on how to get an education to do either. Listen to them directly from Soil to Sky or subscribe through your favorite podcasting site.

More Than You Think!

The agriculture and food industry has a lot more opportunity than you might have imagined including careers in production and processing, and also science, technology, and all sorts of management roles. Our Career Profiles directory is also packed with lots of useful information and features to help you find the right kind of career for you.

Maybe you are looking for a new career opportunity through training and education. Perhaps you're thinking about building your work skills and experience to improve your current career? Or, it could be that you looking for a new way to use the skills you already have to find the job you want?


We think we can help. Soil to Sky is your directory to web-based information about agriculture, food, and everything you might need to build a rewarding, balanced career in our industry.

Can you answer just ten questions?

Soil to Sky has launched The Ten Questions Project, a wide-reaching survey for folks with jobs in the agriculture and food industry. Even if you don't think you have the most exciting career going, someone wants to know what you do every day -- its the information our users crave as they plan their own career paths. Click on the link and take a few minutes to tell us about your career. Somebody will be glad you did!

Partners in Job Information

Right now other great websites are helping you find careers in industries supporting the agriculture and food industry. Not sure if we're exactly what you're looking for? Why not visit one of our partner sites.


ECO Canada has Canada's Largest Environmental Job Board with hundreds of employers posting new environmental career opportunities every day -- and many of those are directly related to agriculture and food production!

Random Listings

Don't know where to start? Why not try something from the selections below?

ScholarStuff is a post-secondary education directory that includes Canadian colleges. ...

“Ottawa CDA RCS” is the current designation of this weather station located at the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa. This site displays unofficial data which came directly from the instrumentation. ...

Job includes day to day supervision of workers (3 to 14 employees) and work schedules including shipping within a nursery or landscaping firm. ...

Latest Podcast

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